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May 2022
This customer first contacted us in March of 2021. We went back and forth with quotes and ideas and then our Project Sales Consultant Kristeen joined us in May 2021 and she met with them on site and provided thorough information and measurements.

The client decided he was going to get a new warehouse and was going to hold off. We continued to keep in touch every couple of months until he secured a new warehouse in Burnaby.

Our Project Sales Consultant met with Richard at his new warehouse and quoted the full package of material, installation, engineering, and permit application services. Richard accepted our quote and we proceeded to book his installation for the next available date and completed the install on Tuesday May 25th.

This install started a bit slower than we like. The customer had not cleared the area, but our install team worked with him and installed as his warehouse crew cleared the area. It should have been a 1 day install but did fall into a 2nd day as we had to be patient and could not work at full speed. We are happy to work with our customers every step of the way.

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