Cantilever Racking

Dynamic loads are best stored in cantilever racking

Cantilever shelving, or cantilever racking, is an excellent solution for storing irregular shaped products or pallets. Product types such as pipes, lumber, and furniture are common. For better protection of your products, these high-tensile structural steel racking systems are remarkably strong and feature an adjustable arm length for easy loading. They maximize floor space by providing unrestricted front access, ensuring zero obstruction when storing items of various shapes and lengths. Its unique design accommodates heavy items ensuring safety and convenience. Using lift truck forks for easy handling, cantilever racking systems are highly adaptable, allowing warehouses to utilize both vertical and horizontal space. Optimized for indoor and outdoor use, cantilever racking can be customized for specific warehouse dimensions, enhancing organization and space utilization.

Cantilever Racking Project
Cantilever Racks For Storage

Available In Stock Options

Cantilever Type Height Column Capacity Column Spacing Arm Length Arm Capacity Finish
Single Sided
Up to 8000lbs
3' to 4'
24", 36", 48"
Poweder Coat Blue/Orange
Double Sided
12'H, 16'H
Up to 16000lbs
3' to 4'
24", 36", 48"
Poweder Coat Blue/Orange

Cantilever Racking Components

Cantilever Racking Components


Cantilever racking is available as single- or double-sided units. Typically placed against walls, single-sided systems offer storage and access from one side, making them the ideal solution for maximizing limited space. Comparatively, double-sided units allow you to access and store items on both sides, doubling storage capacity and making it suitable for central warehouse placement.


Cantilever racking arms are constructed in various lengths to accommodate light to heavy-duty products. With three styles available, including straight, inclined, and axle, each design is tailored to suit specific storage needs. The bolted arms feature a straightforward bolt-on mechanism, enabling easy conversion and repositioning. This flexibility is essential for adapting to inventory changes, ensuring efficient front-loading and optimal performance in cantilever racking systems.


Cantilever rack braces, essential for rack stabilization and sway prevention, come in various designs, widths, and lengths ranging from 8 to 25 feet. They are crucial for expanding, repairing, or constructing new racks, ensuring each system is tailored to specific storage needs and maintains structural integrity.

What to look for when choosing cantilever racks

To make the right choice when deciding on a cantilever racking system, contact a RACKsteel representative to help determine the most optimal layout for your facility.
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Racksteel Cantilever Racks Project
Racksteel Cantilever Racks Project 2

Robust Options

Cantilever racking systems cater to a wide range of storage needs: light-duty for small items, medium-duty for moderately heavy goods, and heavy-duty for large, bulky items. Each offers durable, customizable storage solutions, ensuring efficient space utilization and convenient access across varying weight categories.


Light-duty cantilever racking systems are designed to efficiently store lightweight products. Comprised of vertical and horizontal beams and arms, these are perfect for storing items such as small pipes, molding, or trim, while maintaining optimal flue space. Light-weight cantilever racking systems are ideal for warehouses with minimal capacity and require low variability of product shape and size.


Medium-duty cantilever racking systems, constructed similarly to light-duty racks, are designed for loads of medium-weight. These systems are tailored to store items that need to be stored and retrieved using forklifts, such as hardware, appliances, and furniture. Striking a balance between capacity and accessibility, they cater to various warehouse storage requirements, accommodating varying shapes and sizes.


Heavy-duty cantilever racking systems, with durable beams, and flat or tapered arms for easy loading, are built for substantial weights. Optimized for storing large, heavy items such as steel bars, timber, or pre-fabricated products. Handled with lift trucks, stackers, and mobile cranes, these heavy-duty systems provide high-capacity storage solutions, adaptable to diverse shapes and sizes, ensuring efficient use of floor space.

Cantilever racks in warehouse
3D visualization of storage using Cantilever Racks
3D visualization of storage using Cantilever Racks 2

Latest Projects

Cantilever Racking Project with Bothwell Manufacturing

Bothwell Manufacturing

Our team designed and installed heavy-duty double-posted and double-braced pallet racking, and cantilever racking for Bothwell Manufacturing. Addressing both weight and seismic requirements, the project required intricate planning, advanced engineering solutions, and streamlined slab improvement, leading to a 30% increase in operational efficiency.

Cantilever Racking Project with Windows and Doors company

Windows and Doors Company

Our team at RACKsteel completed a complex installation of heavy-duty cantilever racking for a fenestration industry client, accommodating large, heavy materials. The project included custom guardrail design for forklift tolerances and on-site fabrication, ensuring safe and precise completion.