Selective Pallet Racking

High SKU Count Solution

Selective Pallet Racking is the go-to storage system for fast-moving palletized loads. While providing easy access to all pallets racking, it also allows for maximum flexibility in the number of SKUs you can store and pick from. 

The most common style of racking for industrial applications, a Selective Pallet Rack allows for pallet storage and retrieval, without need to move other pallets for access. Even when a Selective Pallet is used back-to-back to reduce aisle wastage, each and every pallet remains individually accessible. Saving industries time, energy, and resources.

Wide Aisle

To maximize on pallet accessibility, the Wide Aisle racking systems can be expanded to fit 3 or 4 wheel counterbalance forklifts (Class I or IV) with aisle widths between 144″ and 160″. Operators can access aisles and pallets with carts, walkies, and pallet trucks from ground level. Providing optimal flexibility, accessibility, and top shelf replenishment, this is the most economical selective pallet rack per square foot. Maximize on accessibility with Wide Aisle selective racking.

Double Deep Rack

For increased storage and excess volume requirements, a Double Deep Rack is a back-to-back storage system that is two pallets deep. This type of selective racking increases storage space by over 50% and is suitable for Reach trucks (Class II) with double reach capability. Ideal for warehouses managing a variety of SKUs, it can be converted into a single selective rack if needed. Increase your storage space in an economical way with a Double Deep Rack.

VNA – Very Narrow Aisle Rack

With VNA pallet racking, the width of access aisles is reduced (50”-78”) to optimize on existing cubic space. While this results in less aisle space, this style allows for more storage and can be stacked to heights up to 56 ft high. Operators can load and pick with Turret forklift with guide rail or wire guidance. It also offers faster access and retrieval per pallet rack and allows for picking with walkies, carts, and pallet trucks as well as special lift trucks like rail or wire guided Swing Reach and Picker Trucks. Streamline operations and use floor space more effectively with the VNA Racking System.

The Advantages of Selective Pallet Racking​

Selective Pallet Racking systems are the solution to manage high volumes of product storage and heavy-duty handling. It offers immense flexibility and is a great way to streamline fast-paced warehouse environments.

Some advantages of Selective Pallet Racking include:

  • Individual pallets are completely accessible
  • Zero obstruction to pick and load products
  • Easy lower-level picking
  • Allows simple access to the highest number of SKUs
  • High storage capacity
  • Simple install
  • Can be adjusted/ re-positioned to match evolving needs
  • Easy maneuvering in wider aisle variations
  • No special lift trucks required

Disadvantages & Limitations

While selective racking comes with many benefits, it can be limiting depending on industry needs. For example, if your facility handles very heavy-duty materials, Structural Racking might be more suitable. That being said, majority of our Single Selective Racking systems can be customized with extra-large base plates, double-posts, thicker beams, and more to suit your weight capacity needs.


RACKsteel helps you operate in a faster, more efficient way. We provide project management services, turnkey options, and customized project-based solutions. The results? Improved productivity at a low cost. Our pallet racks are constructed of high-quality materials to be durable against wear-and-tear as well as efficient. We house standard components and ready to ship systems from our quick-ship inventory program. Achieve orderly organization and streamlined operations with our team of specialists.

Our Selective Pallet Racking Installations

Selective Racking Project with Clever Quarters

Robar Industries

After 60 years at their original location, Robar Industries had outgrown their base of operations and made the decision to invest in a larger, brand new, modern facility in Surrey’s Campbell Heights industrial area.

Cozey Canada

Cozey Canada

Cozey is a rapidly growing, Montreal based furniture company who recently expanded operations to the West Coast. Cozey came to RACKsteel by way of referral from their warehouses’ previous tenant, Menzies Metal Products.

Selective Racking Project with Allright Ladder

Mauser Packaging Solutions

Mauser Packaging required new selective pallet racking in 2 areas of the warehouse of their Langley BC production facility. Project Consultant Stuart worked with RACKsteels in-house engineer and the Mauser Team to provide them with a solution that optimized space and maximized pallet positions for each of the 2 areas.

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