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At Racksteel, we prioritize organizational efficiency and understand the importance of a well-structured business environment. Our extensive inventory offers a diverse selection of pallet racking solutions, catered to meet the unique needs of your enterprise. Our products are designed to streamline your operations and promote an organized workspace.

We invite you to explore our pallet racking options to find the perfect fit for your organization. Should you require assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team of experts, who are committed to providing personalized support and guiding you towards the most suitable pallet racking solution for your business.



Your standard rack system to get your pallets off the ground and maximize selectivity of your SKU’s. Consider back to back rows or a Very Narrow Aisle option (VNA) to reduce unnecessary aisle space. We have numerous factory partners throughout Canada, the US, and Asia. Our own line of CWB approved rack products are stocked to get you operating faster.


Our double deep systems are readily available from our inventory program. Our sales consultants will run through the benefits of double deep racking and what material handling equipment will be required to utilize it effectively. We manufacture parts for this system right here in Canada. If you have multiple quantity of the same SKU, it’s worth exploring a double deep option with us at Racksteel. 



One of the original high density systems in the market. Depending on weight load requirements, your forklift being used, and facility aspects like clear height and SKU type, drive-in may be the right option for you. Think of Drive-in racking as the ultimate system to store a ton of the same thing. Just remember the first thing that goes in, will be the last coming out.


Pushback racking systems are an excellent way to store lots of the same thing with a much lower risk of product damage. You’ll always be loading the pallets from the front, just like when it’s time to unload. This is also a first in, last out system, but you can have variety of lanes unlike Drive-in. There are limitations to how deep you can go, depending on your pallet weights and other factors.

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Back Mesh Protector


Racksteel supplies all the necessary warehouse protection products to keep your employees and equipment safe. We make some of the products in-house and source others to keep in stock to make sure safety is never a waiting game. Think of back mesh, rack row protectors, and racking post protectors. All items we recommend getting out of the gate to protect your pallet racking investment.


Our cantilever racking systems are ideal for large, dynamic loads like bundles of lumber, raw material, metals, and other big awkward products. This is now being launched as a quick-ship option and we’re excited to showcase a variety of options to get you operating faster.  For custom cantilever solutions, consider planning your project well in advance to cover the lead time of manufacturing. 



A great solution for hand picking, loading, and getting products packed and shipped fast. Carton flow is often used in stand-alone shelving or as lower level racking levels for hand bombing. It’s installed with a slope to ensure your boxes move smoothly to the front of the bay to easily access the item required. Consider talking with a sales consultant at Racksteel early in the planning process for this product.


Pallet flow has a serious place in the market for continuous loading and unloading applications. Loading from the back allows the first one in to be the first one out. Think of beer cases in a liquor store “flowing” to the front. In this case though, pallet flow is meant for large, heavy pallets. We have numerous pallet flow options available from our factory partners, and is best to explore the system with one of our sales consultants.



Structural racking offers substantial benefits to weight loading and longevity. Our factory partners are located throughout North America for this type of racking which will give you a robust storage system. Consider structural racking for cold storage applications, high density racking systems, and your ultra heavy duty needs. Note it’s on the pricier side, but often has a solid ROI for certain applications.


We always have a variety of used racking coming in and out. We will propose used racking solutions if they make sense for your application. Are you looking to sell your current racking? Give us a call. Do you need us to relocate your used racking to a new facility? Yep we do that to. If you need some used racking fast, call Racksteel to see what inventory we have. It will also be available in our online shop!

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Why Choose Racksteel for Your Warehouse Shelving System and Pallet Racking

We understand how custom pallet racking can improve the day-to-day functioning of a warehouse. Over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge so we can provide our customers with the top-tier service they deserve. With RACKsteel, customers have access to a variety of pallet rack solutions. From small warehouses to large distribution centres, pallet racking should be designed to the specifications and needs of the customer.

Building the perfect pallet racking is a multi-step process. At RACKsteel, we take our customers goals and ideas seriously, to create a configuration optimized for their business needs. To ensure the racks meet support requirements, height clearance, forklift capabilities, and logistical operations, our team is here to warehouse pallet racking. When businesses put their trust in RACKsteel, we dedicate all our efforts to providing the perfect pallet racking solution to get you operating faster.

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