Mezzanine Pick Tower

February 2023

This project was the second largest turnkey project that RACKsteel was awarded to install the pick tower of 37,728 square feet with a two-level mezzanine.

The project occurred in a newly developed 367,080 square feet facility that was still under construction and was given a timeframe of 3 months to complete. The goal was to install a 3-floor racking platform with concrete floor on the first floor and wood flooring (Resindeck) on the second and third floors.

The purpose of the mezzanine pick tower was to provide our client with quick access to items for effective shipping of their online orders. The conveyor system helps to move the product from high storage racking to the pick tower for shipping. This application is widely used among those who have a high number of SKUs and for those who require lots of bins.

With a tight deadline, it was important for RACKsteel to commence and finish the project on time for the final inspection while working with multiple building contractors concurrently. This project required the full-time supervision of our project manager who is a Red Seal Millwright.

This project was a learning curve for RACKsteel’s crew. Complexity was in the decking installation and brain power needed to do the mezzanine pick tower platform. RACKsteel utilized a crew of 12 professionally trained installers.

Our team had to cooperate and collaboratively resolve issues to accommodate various customer and building manager requests under the supervision of a dedicated RACKsteel Project manager. We also had to make sure our work was done on time so other contractors could have access to their work area as per the schedule. Considering a 3-month scope of work with the amount of material and complexity of the installation that arose with floor decking, our team succeeded and met the client’s deadline. 

Upon installation completion, we reached out to our client for feedback.

The cost savings and efficiency gains left our client extremely happy with the installation result. The client was able to troubleshoot and solve some logistical and storage issues immediately with the pick tower application.

Years of experience gave an ability to our Red Seal Millwright manage the project flawlessly and up to the industry standard. On top of that, our team’s collaboration and problem-solving skills helped the client to have the Pallet Racking System installed properly and overcome operational issues. Our installation team has done multiple projects in the past and gained knowledge of efficient installation techniques that allowed them to take on this complex project.

Getting our clients to operate faster is our sole goal whether the project is big or small. RACKsteel is a one-way stop for your warehouse projects.

Provided services

  • Narrow Aisle High Bay Racking
  • Mezzanine Pick Tower
  • Stairs & Handrail
  • B decking (Structural metal decking) along with support beams
  • Wood flooring (Resindek)
  • Row End Guards

Product type

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Our customer service philosophy is simple: We will make sure every call and email is prioritized, and that your warehouse gets operating faster.