Mauser Packaging Solutions

March 2023

Mauser Packaging required new selective pallet racking in 2 areas of the warehouse of their Langley BC production facility. Project Consultant Stuart worked with RACKsteels in-house engineer and the Mauser Team to provide them with a solution that optimized space and maximized pallet positions for each of the 2 areas.

RACKsteel standard practice on larger installations is a pre-installation job-site meeting with all project stakeholders. RACKsteel uses this pre-installation meeting to address any of the customer’s potential concerns regarding the delivery and installation, as well as familiarizing ourselves with the jobsite from an installation perspective. During this pre-installation meeting, RACKsteel was also briefed on Mauser Packaging’s industry leading safety rules and safety protocols. Safety is integral to RACKsteel’s culture. The entire Operations and Installation team has First Aid as well as being certified on multiple pieces of equipment including Forklifts, Scissor-Lifts, Boom-Lifts, and Fall Protection. As such, RACKsteel had absolutely no problem meeting and exceeding Mausers safety requirements.

On installation day, RACKsteels installers identified an emergency fire hose and protective guard around it in the first installation area. This obstacle wasn’t noticed during the pre-installation meeting as Mauser had excess product stored in that area. RACKsteels installers were quick to present a solution to the fire hose and protective guard obstacle to Mauser, which was quickly approved with no delay to the installation.

When it came to the second installation area, RACKsteel’s installers were quick to identify a layout that was more effective than what was originally planned. The new layout proposed by RACKsteel’s installers would provide 8 more pallet positions than were originally planned, without the use of additional materials or any additional installation charges. The new layout was immediately presented to the Mauser Team, approved and installed.

The selective pallet rack installation at Mauser Packaging Solutions resulted in increased warehouse efficiency as it moved excess product off of the floor and onto the racking, freeing up space for safer operations and making room for new equipment.

Having served customers in almost every industry, RACKsteel installation teams have the experience to tackle any problem on-site. The installation at Mauser Packaging Solutions was a great showcase of the experience of RACKsteel’s installation crew as well as their commitment to safety and safe work practices.

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Our customer service philosophy is simple: We will make sure every call and email is prioritized, and that your warehouse gets operating faster.