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Moving? Relocating? Upgrading? Consider calling us to get an evaluation of the pre-owned racking you already have. We will consider a buyback discount on the new material you need, making the whole process more cost-effective overall. Stay hands off while our crew dismantles, bundles, and ships out the used racking from your warehouse while our office team gives you fair market value for your material.

New Arrivals

Benefits Of Used Pallet Racking

  • Fluctuating inventory of different types
  • No project is too big or too small
  • Easy pick up of used pallet racking from your location
  • We offer competitive pricing for used pallet racking and shelving
  • Our team can quickly install used pallet racking to provide turnkey solutions

Limitations Of Used Racking Systems

  • If not purchased from a reputable source, used pallet racking could be rated for the wrong load capacity than claimed, decreasing its safety and function.
  • Risk of being damaged if not checked by a trusted expert.
  • Does not come with a warranty like new pallet racking systems.
  • Could require some maintenance and repairs.

Safety Supplies & Material Handling Equipment

There are many benefits of choosing used pallet racking for warehouses. Companies can save money, streamline their organizational systems, and increase storage with used pallet racks and shelves. Businesses can also handle their shipments and equipment more easily, without breaking the bank.

A pallet rack, while great for storage and organization, is also the best way to improve the safety of a fast-paced warehouse. Full of moving parts and heavy machinery, it’s important to increase safety standards whenever possible. Now, with used pallet racking available at more affordable prices, there is no excuse to have inefficient shelving and racking in your warehouse.

Some additional benefits of choosing used racking include:

  • Maximizes space utilization
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improves safety
  • Customizable
  • Cost-effective
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves inventory management
  • Sell, stock, and ship with minimal time and effort

Why Choose Used Pallet Racking?

Used pallet racking is a popular storage solution for warehouses and distribution centres. An efficient and effective way to increase storage capacity in warehouses, used pallet racking also improves safety standards at a lower price point. Its vertical design maximizes space utilization, allowing businesses to store higher volumes of goods without expanding their floor area or investing in brand-new materials

With RACKsteel, we can assemble your used pallet racking to streamline your day-to-day tasks. We can ensure your used pallet racks are organized logically to increase efficiency and reduce the time needed for order picking and inventory management tasks. Our team of professionals are experienced in the installation of used racking systems, adhering to BC Building Code and industry standards. While we cannot guarantee the specifications of used racking, we take every precaution to ensure that the system is installed safely and securely, minimizing any potential risks associated with hazardous materials or manual handling processes. Plus, your business will save on materials and minimize waste by choosing used pallet racking, which is better for your bottom-line and the environment.

Pallet racking systems are the optimal storage solution, offering businesses greater flexibility and cost-efficiencies. New and used equipment alike, pallet racking comes in a range of configurations and capacities. This allows warehouses to customize their shelving system to suit their exact needs – regardless of layout, inventory size, or products. Additionally, pallet racks increase operational efficiency by providing more effective usage of space with fewer additional facilities required.

Lastly, used racking systems help to streamline inventory management, making warehouses more productive and improving accuracy. The perfect shelving solution, your business can have items stored, picked, and shipped with less time and effort. Increasing your bottom line has never been easier!

Overall, pallet racking systems provide numerous benefits to warehouses and distribution centres, including increased efficiency, safety, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Our Used Pallet Racking Installations

Selective Racking Project with Clever Quarters

JJ Films

A customer contacted us with an urgent request - they needed 28 end frames, beams, and mesh taken down from a space in Vancouver and relocated to Abbotsford within 7 days. Our install team rose to the challenge: upon arrival, we discovered there was actually double the amount of material than expected but were still able to take it all down and bundle it up for transportation in just one day. We then quickly installed everything at their new location over the following two days, completing this project on time despite having far more work than anticipated.

Selective Racking Project with Oxford Builders

Spec Savers

To help a client in Delta prepare for their Grand Opening, we supplied multiple racking systems, including custom back mesh, guardrails, and baby rack shelving to meet their operational needs. Despite some challenges posed by re-installing previously used parts from the customer’s own inventory, our experienced crew was able to overcome these issues through research and working with similar lines and older pictures. Moreover, our Project Sales Consultant worked collaboratively with our Account Manager to meet their pallet load requirements and permit submission requirements.

Selective Racking Project with Allright Ladder

Furniture Barn

Our team at RACKsteel delivered a timely and effective solution for our client's facility in Abbotsford. We combined quality used racking material with new racking to expedite their operations. We provided complete project oversight, from materials procurement to installation, delivery and engineering inspection, utilizing the relevant weight capacities throughout. Our comprehensive effort yielded perfect results. Just another day providing turnkey solutions at RACKsteel!


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Our customer service philosophy is simple: We will make sure every call and email is prioritized, and that your warehouse gets operating faster.