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Get Operating Faster

Need a storage solution in your warehouse now? We hustle to get it done right. We offer a wide variety of warehouse racking and shelving to provide you with a storage system designed specifically for your business. 

Supplied & Installed

No one sells, delivers, installs, or engineers racking as good as RACKsteel Inc. We are proud to provide efficient storage solutions and pallet racking systems to transform your warehouse from disorganized to orderly. Still not convinced? We have the reviews to prove it!


Turnkey Solutions

We build end-to-end turnkey storage systems so that our industrial shelving is implemented seamlessly into your workflow. Our approach involves helping you with design, understanding your storage goals, and evaluating the weight limits of your product to meet your warehousing needs.


A few things. First, are you moving to a new space? Perhaps relocating? Or, are you going through continuous improvements, changes, or expansion? Call RACKsteel to help develop drawings, propose both custom or quick-ship rack options, and get your pallet racking system installed professionally. Your warehouse is responsible for storing a large volume of products. A high-density storage system can not only help you store materials but move them more efficiently. We will help you develop a layout that works best for your warehouse equipment, addresses all your product storage needs, and makes the most out of your warehouse space. Plus, we’ll install the entire storage system. You’ll love our crew on site – with the best tools in the business, safety practices at the forefront, and exceptional customer service, you’ll be in good hands.














Take advantage of our in-house design team to get an optimal layout in place. We regularly design storage systems tailored to the needs of our clients. Whatever your rack system consists of, whether you need a single selective racking, a push back rack design, or a narrow aisle racking system, we can ensure your industrial shelving makes sense. As one of the most essential aspects of your warehouse’s efficiency, our layout design will incorporate your floor and vertical space, docking locations, inventory access, shipping areas, and all other factors. 


Save time and money by opting for our quick-ship products to get you operating faster. Make every pallet immediately identifiable with our pre-constructed designs to ensure your high-density storage solution is streamlined – and affordable. Utilize square footage and stock 


High density racking, automation, and engineering requirements may require a custom solution. And we can help you find the ideal racking system for your warehouse. Our racking options come with a lot of room for customizations. Whether you require a selective rack, a push back system, drive-thru racking, or a completely custom build of roll formed steel components, we pride ourselves on stellar lead times and a smooth ordering process. Let’s get started.


Our quotes will always include an option for installation. They are the best in the business. And guaranteed to do it right. Our engineers are the best in the business and are guaranteed to do it right. For a cost-effective racking system made of structural steel components, you can rely on our sturdy channel construction and installation services. 

Let's get your next project started!

Pallet Racking

Selective Racking

The most common style of pallet racking, selective racking features a specific configuration to ensure all levels are accessible from the aisle. It allows for simple forklift maneuvering and will provide access to the highest number of SKUs. As you won’t need to move one pallet to access another, selective racking is a great way to add convenience and efficiency to day-to-day operations. This type of pallet racking makes great use of vertical space, has flexible usability, is versatile in its design, and is available at an affordable price.

Double Deep Racking

Using standard racking components, double deep racking maximizes storage through increased shelving density. In this racking system, the pallets are stored at two depths, allowing for more storage with simple and efficient access. Compared to selective racks, double deep racking requires a special forklift equipped with telescopic forks or a pantograph mechanism to access the second pallet. This system is ideal for companies that have a large quantity of same SKU items and require extra storage.

Drive-In Racking

The heavy-duty storage solution, drive-in racking offers extremely high density. Designed for single-size warehouse pallet racking, order matters when using this first in, last out (FILO) system. This FILO system is perfect when storing large quantities of homogenous products. Depending on your weight-load, forklift, and facility aspects such as SKU type and height clearance, drive-in racking is strong enough to hold a heavy volume of stock while adding significant storage space.

Pushback Racking

To maintain quality, maximize storage volume, and lower the risk of inventory damage, pushback racking systems are a great solution. These racking systems have the dimensions to allow storage from either side of an aisle, two to six racks deep. Because the pallets are accessible from the aisle, no special forklifts are needed, resulting in an easy, fast load and unload. With high density shelving, multiple levels, and customizable design, stock rotation and occupancy are optimized in pushback racks.

Cantilever Racking

If your warehouse is storing large, awkward products such as bundles of lumber, metals, raw materials, etc., cantilever racking can make your load and unload more dynamic, efficient, and streamlined. These racks are easy to put in place and can hold items of any length or shape. Due to the steel construction, the shelving is incredibly strong and can bare great weight. In terms of product storage, cantilever racks maximizes productivity and profitability.

Carton Flow

This storage method uses wheels or rollers as well as gravity to move cases from one end of the rack to the other. Completely customizable, this design creates multiple levels and lanes for carton and product flow. For companies with high turnover, carton flow pallet racking allows for large density storage of cartons and light products. When a business has a large volume of manual picking operations, they need a racking system like this to reduce pick paths, increase pick efficiencies, and minimize operating time.

Pallet Flow

When it comes to continuous loading and unloading, a business can benefit from using a pallet flow system. Depths can range from two to twenty pallets deep, giving ample storage space while maintaining flow of movement. This system uses gravity as well as wheels or rollers on a slight downward slope to move pallets from one end to the other. Speed controllers ensure the pallets travel in a safe manner, and result in reliable product unloading. This technology is ideal for operations that involve a high volume of similar products.

Structural Steel Pallet Racking

Need a system that can withstand wear and tear? Our structural component racking is the extra heavy duty warehouse rack you need. Made from state-of-the-art, high strength, hot rolled structural steel, this pallet racking system is the most durable of its kind. With customizable dimensions, including depth and height, structural steel pallet racks prevent forklift damage and increase racking capacity. This material can be used in all sorts of rack systems, such as drive-in, pushback, carton flow, pallet flow, and more. Incredibly strong and durable, this is shelving that can withstand cold temperatures and heavy duty needs.

Racking Safety Products

To keep your employees, equipment, and inventory safe, we offer safety pallet racking products. Many of the products we provide are made in-house; however, to ensure your safety is prioritized, we also source items to keep our stock room full. Whether you,  rack row protectors, or racking post protectors, safety should never be put into question. Invest now, save later. Racking safety products are an important aspect of any well-functioning warehouse.

Used Pallet Racking

To offer a price that works for your business, we keep a variety of used racking in stock. If we have previously used pallet racking that makes sense for your operations, we are happy to sell and install it at a great price. Additionally, if you are looking to sell or relocate your current pallet racking, we can help with that too. Give that old pallet rack a second life and save some money in the process by reaching out to our team at RACKsteel.


Cozey Canada

February 2023

Cozey: More than just a furniture company.

Cozey is a rapidly growing, Montreal based furniture company who recently expanded operations to the West Coast. Cozey came to RACKsteel by way of referral from their warehouses’ previous tenant, Menzies Metal Products.

With multiple shipping containers of inventory arriving weekly, it was imperative to get Cozey Operating Faster. Project Consultant Stuart worked with Cozey’s warehouse manager and RACKsteel’s in-house engineer to provide a solution for Phase 1 of their Selective Pallet Racking. With the engineering and permitting process of Selective Pallet Racking being more rigorous on the West Coast than it is in Montreal, Cozey’s management had numerous questions & concerns regarding Engineering and Permits.

Project Consultant Stuart, and one of RACKsteels Red Seal Millwrights, were more than happy to have a video conference with Cozey’s management who are located in Montreal, to explain the local Engineering and Permitting process and their requirements in detail. As soon as engineering was complete, RACKsteel mobilized to complete Phase 1 of the installation.

The Phase 1 installation was completed in a sequence that allowed Cozey to remain operating efficiently, which was imperative as they were receiving multiple shipping containers on the installation days. Cozeys warehouse manager was delighted with the installation, and is currently working on designing Phase 2 with Project Consultant Stuart.

Traxxon Rock Drills

February 2023

RACKsteel client Traxxon Rock Drills had the need for heavy duty racking in one of their buildings. Project consultant Kristeen worked with RACKsteel’s in-house Engineer to provide a solution that provided maximum pallet positions as well as maximum weight capacity for the pallet racking. Traxxons building had unique structural features that had to be worked around, as well as a unique requirement for “tunnel” length.

To achieve Traxxons  desired weight capacities on the pallet racking, RACKsteel built “double braced” frames in-house. Racksteel accommodated the unique “tunnel” length by customizing beam length in-house, one of our many custom fabrication abilities. Our in-house Engineer and Kristeen combined their knowledge and were able to maximize a racking layout that avoided all unique structural features of Traxxons buildings. RACKsteel fabricated and installed custom row-end guards in-house to protect the “tunnel” frames from accidental forklift damage.

RACKsteel installed this project in 2 phases to allow for Traxxon Rock Drills to do building upgrades between each phase of the installation. Based on their positive experience with racksteel, Traxxon Rock Drills referred Pinnacle Drilling to RACKsteel, and RACKsteel provided Pinnacle Drilling with custom built, “double braced” frames to accommodate the heavy pallet weights that Pinnacle required in their brand new warehouse.


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Based on 43 reviews
Cody Garries
Cody Garries
Great experience dealing with RACKsteel. From suggestions on design to a seemless delivery, Cheryl and Matt were first-class. I will be back again when I need more warehouse racking.
Brian Mcclinton
Brian Mcclinton
My experience with RackSteel and Matt Stadnyk has been one of the best I have had in years. Matt worked with me to solve a problem we had and the company donated a valuable piece of machinery to help us in a bind. He was there to make sure we could complete our task on time and were happy with the delivery. Thanks to Matt and RackSteel for their kind generosity. KPU will always be grateful. Brian
Danielle Harris
Danielle Harris
We have used RACKsteel at our previous warehouse and just finishing up an install at our new location. Everyone from purchasing, sales, to install staff that I dealt with many times, have all been so amazing to deal with. We have had multiple curve balls and changes that were never a big deal to them and they made it so easy with rolling with all the changes and hiccups as if it was always part of the plan. I have recommended them already and will continue to as well as use them again on any future projects we have.
Will Tanenbaum
Will Tanenbaum
Competitive pricing, thorough project planning, good communication, fast install
Nate Daase
Nate Daase
Our experience purchasing racking from RACKsteel was excellent. Great service from the beginning. The turn around was quicker than expected. The delivery driver even took the time to ensure we were clear with the installation requirements. Will definitely purchase from them in the future.
Karl Schwendeman
Karl Schwendeman
We had a great experience dealing with Rack Steel recently. Our company required a new cantilever rack for our pipe storage needs recently, and dealing with Cheryl Schubert and the installation team at Rack Steel was a terrific experience. Although there were some initial minor delays with the shipment of the racking, we were very pleased to receive pro-active updates and communication from Cheryl all throughout the process until the installation project was complete. I would recommend Rack Steel as a supplier and will call them again in the future if we need additional racking at our facility. Thanks again for the great service.
Ryan Mick
Ryan Mick
My experience with RACKsteel was outstanding! From Stu’s knowledge and expertise in the quoting and design stage to the very happy and efficient installation team. These guys love their job and it shows, very proud of their quality product.
Erik van der Putten
Erik van der Putten
The team at RACKsteel helped us out with a quote for racking at our space. The staff was super knowledgeable and helped us understand all the options + helped us improve the layout efficiency. The installation team was great too. I highly recommend them!
Amrit Uppal
Amrit Uppal
We had the pleasure to have a small install project done by the crew from RACKsteel and couldn’t be happier with the install and team they sent. We will absolutely be using them again for future expansion work.

Why Choose Racksteel for Your Warehouse Shelving System and Pallet Racking

We understand how custom pallet racking can improve the day-to-day functioning of a warehouse. Over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge so we can provide our customers with the top-tier service they deserve. With RACKsteel, customers have access to a variety of pallet rack solutions. From small warehouses to large distribution centres, pallet racking should be designed to the specifications and needs of the customer.

Building the perfect pallet racking is a multi-step process. At RACKsteel, we take our customers goals and ideas seriously, to create a configuration optimized for their business needs. To ensure the racks meet support requirements, height clearance, forklift capabilities, and logistical operations, our team is here to warehouse pallet racking. When businesses put their trust in RACKsteel, we dedicate all our efforts to providing the perfect pallet racking solution to get you operating faster.


Warehouse Pallet Racking Solutions in Canada

Optimize your space with warehouse pallet racking and shelving. Effective operations start with the right organization and storage solutions to streamline the transport of products within your facility. At RACKsteel, we offer new standards for shelving and pallet racking. From our variety of styles and dimensions to the step beams, height, and different sizes, we offer custom storage solutions to all sorts of fulfillment and storage companies.

Warehouse racking is a great way to maximize efficiency and keep your business moving. Whether you need pallet racking or shelving, vertical carousels or conveyor systems, our team will work with you to create a product that is designed for your needs. When it comes to Canadian rack systems, there are many options to choose from. From standard pallet racking to speciality systems such as pushback, selective, drive-in, and cantilever racking, we will plan, design, build, and install any pallet rack to your specifications. Make a request and our team will find the solution – on time and within budget.

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Our customer service philosophy is simple: We will make sure every call and email is prioritized, and that your warehouse gets operating faster.