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October 2022

Provided services:
-Turn Key Solution
-Selective Racking System
-Narrow Aisle High Bay Racking
-Wire Decking
-Row End Guards
-Cross Aisle Ties

This project was one of the largest projects that RACKsteel was awarded to install in 2022.
The project occurred in a newly developed facility that was still under construction and was given a timeframe of 3 months to complete.
The application was a robust Selective Racking System with 32′ high frames that required specialized equipment due to the product height.
Our crew had to work outside and inside of the building to ensure effective material transfer between various docks due to the ongoing concrete paving of the building lot.
During this time, the RACKsteel crew had to work along with other subcontractors including electricians, concrete paver operators, safety officers, and others, and comply with the highest OSHA and BC Construction Safety Alliance standards.
RACKsteel also had to use special equipment such as a telehandler, power generators, and electrical forklifts with non-marking tires to protect the concrete and comply with the emission-free building request.
RACKsteel professionally installed epoxy anchors and special custom end guards and post protectors as per the engineering request.

Our team had to cooperate and collaboratively resolve issues to accommodate various customer and building manager requests under the supervision of a dedicated RACKsteel’s Red Seal Millwright.
Considering a 3 months scope of work with the amount of material and complexity of the installation that arose with high frames, our team succeeded and met the client’s deadline.
The installation was also done on time for the Engineering Racking Inspection and the customer was very happy and delighted installation was completed up to the highest standards in the industry.
After this successful installation, RACKsteel was given another project to work on by the same client.
Our professional team of installers is constantly growing and improving their racking installation techniques with every project we take on expanding our horizons for future complex installations.
Getting our clients to operate faster is our sole goal whether the project is big or small, we are here for our customers to provide them with the most effective pallet-racking solutions and this is what made this installation a success.

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Our customer service philosophy is simple: We will make sure every call and email is prioritized, and that your warehouse gets operating faster.