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Roll Formed vs Structural Racking

February 2019
Roll formed racks are coils of steel with holes punched through for engineering purposes and of course attaching beams.

Powder coating and paint –

Dipping beams in paint isn’t as recommended as using powder coating. They key issue is reducing potential rust. Powder coating however allows a nice finished look and will stand the test of time in harsh environments.

What are the benefits of choosing roll formed racking systems?

Style customizations, lightweight, and modular. The way it’s manufactured reduces the total cost of the rack system. We prefer bolted racking systems where the pieces can be replaced if necessary, such as the side bracing of front columns. Freight is also less expensive since the materials will be sent to you directly broken down. Our installation team will most often build the frames on site.

Challenges with roll formed racking –

Without upright protectors, damage can be caused easily. This means that once the material is damaged, even in the slightest, it’s recommended a replacement piece or entire frame should be purchased. We also suggest discussing your concerns with an engineer before allowing the rack to continue as is. Get in touch with us and we’ll bring a qualified engineer to help determine your exact replacement requirements.

Why choose Structural Steel racking?

Structural steel rack frames and load beams minimize damage
Great for applications dealing with cold storage, and other intensive environments.
What is Structural pallet racking?

Structural pallet racking is made of hot rolled structural channel steel, which is highly capable of withstanding wear and tear in intensive environments. It’s popular in grocery distribution, cold storage facilities, and high traffic distribution facilities. It’s most commonly used in pushback, drive-in, and other high density systems.

Challenges with Structural Steel racks –

It’s often far heavier duty, which will make the material more costly. It’s important to look at the life cost of purchasing structural steel as the repair and maintenance cost will be significantly reduced over time in comparison to roll formed racking. We also have to be aware of the added freight costs when transporting factory-made structural frames ready to be erected.

Contact us for more details. We’ll help determine which style of racking is right for your application.


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Our customer service philosophy is simple: We will make sure every call and email is prioritized, and that your warehouse gets operating faster.