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The Racksteel Installation Advantage

June 2023
When you choose RACKsteel for your installation, you are choosing the best.
The best value and the best quality and we can back that up.
RACKsteel has a highly specialized installation team, directly supported by Red Seal Millwrights as both Operations and Installation Managers. RACKsteels Installers are full time professional racking installers, not temporary workers from a labor agency, or unskilled labor. RACKsteel believes in investing in “its own” and as such all of our Installers are safe, highly trained and certified.
Industrial First Aid, Counter-Balance Forklift and Mobile Elevating Work Platform Certifications are mandatory for every RACKsteel Installer and Operations Team Member. RACKsteel continually has In-House Installation Training Sessions and Installation Upgrade Courses for all of its Installers, ensuring they are up to date on the latest and safest installation techniques.

RACKsteel knows the importance of a smooth and seamless racking Installation for our customers. Our Installers show up to your installation well tooled and well equipped, with premium Hilti Tools and safe reliable Equipment and Vehicles. Having our own In-House Millwrights ensures that our Forklifts, Scissor lifts and other Equipment are always in perfect working order. All safety features on our equipment are fully functioning and in use. In cases where Specialty Equipment is required for your installation, RACKsteel has partnered with Industry Leading 3rd Party Vendors that share our high standards of Safety and Reliability to ensure consistency and continuity is maintained in all aspects of your installation.


The Project Management Approach is applied to each installation, with a high level of time and resources used during the planning phase. However, sometimes construction, just like life, throws a curve-ball.
Unforeseen challenges are where RACKsteel really shines. While your Installation is in-progress, you have the full support of the RACKsteel Team making sure all of your expectations are met and exceeded. This allows you to focus on what really matters, which is your operations and business.
Your Project Consultant, our Account Manager, Installation Manager, Operations Manager and In-House Engineer are all readily available to address any concerns or unforeseen challenges or circumstances that may arise.
RACKsteel often solves problems before the customer is even aware. When RACKsteel encounters a challenge that needs customer involvement, we have cost-effective, engineer approved solutions ready to present to the customer. This approach ensures that no time is lost and the Installation Schedule is kept. Your operational schedule and operational needs are always kept at the forefront.
RACKsteel Installations, choose the best and Get Operating Faster.
Matt Stadnyk

Matt Stadnyk

Installation Manager

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Our customer service philosophy is simple: We will make sure every call and email is prioritized, and that your warehouse gets operating faster.