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Phoenix Pet

December 2022
Senior Project Consultant Kristeen started dialogue with Phoenix Pet Products in late spring/early summer of 2022, with regards to pallet racking for their brand new, second production facility. As construction of Phoenix’s new building neared completion, Kristeen and Phoenix’s General Manager worked to finalize a layout and design. With RACKsteel’s large inventory and “Get You Operating Faster” proposition, we were able to accommodate a short lead time installation. Phoenix Pets saw their facility needs change as installation began and requested two layout and design changes. RACKsteel understands that production/operation needs can change in a heartbeat. Our in-house engineer was able to quickly accommodate the requested changes and the engineering that went with them, without delaying the installation in the slightest. One of many Racksteel advantages, having our own in-house engineer, allows us to provide our customer with fast, efficient, safe solutions to get them operating faster during installations. Phoenix Pets was delighted with the final pallet racking product and the fast, safe installation.

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