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May 2022
Kris met this customer during a cold call at the beginning of April. The customer was organized and had a very good idea what he wanted. Together they put together a layout drawing and a quote followed shortly after. A couple revisions were done to the layout to maximize his new warehouse space and then an order was submitted for material, installation, engineering and permitting.

Material ordered in mid- April was (9) 18-foot-high frames and (4) 8-foot-high frames with a mix of 12-foot-long beams and 8-foot-long beams.

We scheduled their installation for our earliest availability about 4 weeks later and our install team attended on May 17th. Since the customer didn’t have a scissors lift on the site, we delivered ours.
The customer was amazing and had the area cleared and ready and our team installed quickly and efficiently as per the drawing and checked with the owner prior to anchoring to ensure he was satisfied. While on site the team worked with the customer and was able to show him where more could be installed, and he has since placed another order for more to be installed at the same location.

The office followed up the next day to do a “Happy Check”. In the check we ensure they are satisfied with our services and ask them if they would be so kind to leave us a google review and we tell them we will make a $ 50 donation to the Deaf Children’s Society. The owner replied to me and copied his office person and asked her to please do a google review and said the whole process was a “10 out of 10”.

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